Company - Experienced small-scale supplier

Efirec Oy is a Finnish cleantech company focusing on efficient, small-scale technology and reliable project deliveries.

We will implement renewable energy and energy efficiency services and solutions. We use the turnkey method to take comprehensive projects. Our customers are energy companies, municipalities, developers and property owners. We combine innovative technologies such as solar energy, geothermal energy and biofuels.

For 25 years we have built about one hundred bio-energy heat plants across Finland and one waste incineration plant according to the directives. Next, we will try to expand on the international cleantech market.

Our vision is to build an ecological society.

EFIREC - Energy and Environmental Solutions

According to the latest estimates, only 15% of the global waste is treated globally. Alternatives to waste treatment are growing and, as a result, waste utilization as an energy source increases. The cost of waste treatment will increase disproportionately if waste is not used. Industrial waste management requirements are also increasing. At the same time the electricity demand and the price increase.

Efirec Oy offers different actors the ability to respond to these challenges. Efirec's services are technology-independent. We always conduct a comprehensive mapping of the different options.

According to our network-based work model, we manage projects professionally and progressively.

We have excellent contacts with the industry's best players and influencing people.

Our strengths include transparent process tools and item definition and tracking systems.


The company's managing director is Ulla Sainio, who acquired the company in 2016. The previous owner, Keijo Hämäläinen, remained a minority shareholder and board advisor to the company. From the beginning of 2017 Efirec was selected as a member of CleanTech Finland and subsequently FinPro's Export Promotion Program.