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Benefit from annual efficiency

Benefit from annual efficiency

There will be a significant number of heating plants in Finland, whose renewal will begin to be timely. But here is also a considerable number of new items, which would be time to move to take advantage of more environmentally-friendly solutions.

The investment represents the total cost or ¼ part, so it is worth thinking about what things you want to emphasize. Efirec Oy's facilities will be built on the total cost above. Recognizing that, for example, for a 15-year profitability calculation, the cost of fuel is about 50% and the investment is 25% and the rest of the control, maintenance and the like. For this reason, annual efficiency is one of the main criteria for purchasing customers. With the enjoyment of simpler automation, combustion technology, peripherals, etc., of course, the investment costs are lower, reliability, efficiency, plant life and so on.

Annual efficiency means in practice how much fuel you have to use to get a certain amount of energy. If the annual efficiency is low, then a significant amount of fuel must be obtained and this will have a direct impact on the repayment period of the plant!

Our plant solutions have an annual efficiency of about 86%!

(2018-02-11 18:51:11: Ulla Sainio)