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Efirec has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to Poland

Efirec has signed a letter of intent (LOI) on a small-scale waste incineration plant to be delivered to Poland.

One small municipality in Poland has plans to replace the use of coal in energy production by producing regional heat with sorted municipal waste. Several small-scale waste incineratiplants have been designed to provide heat and steam to industry and households. The negotiations of Efirec Oy and the municipality started already in 2017. The initial contacting was made by Business Finland and Business Finland has been supporting the project development e.g. by introducing the potential investors and by being local support for Efirec in the negotiations.

"The target is to prove the functionality of regional solutions. The project will be the first of its size where both waste management and energy production are implemented locally. Efirec’s long experience in project deliveries - both in environmental and energy sectors – guarantees successful project implementation" says Ulla Sainio, Efirec's current CEO.

The incineration plant will have a thermal input of less than 5 MW. In the vicinity of the plant, there is e.g. brewing industry which uses a large amount of steam annually and which has so far been produced with fossil fuels. Poland is struggling with the EU's waste management regulations and investments are needed in this sector. This project will prove that small units are defending their position and that regional waste solutions will be the future.

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Efirec Oy
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(2018-04-08 18:11:08: Ulla Sainio)