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Services for the customer's needs

We offer tailor-made energy efficiency solutions for industrial companies, waste companies and property owners. We will solve the energy challenges of municipalities and small towns by building:

A local energy producer for the future

Efirec's high-quality energy solutions utilize biomass and municipal waste in energy production. The plants produce cost effective local energy.

Project management

Experienced experts help locals and industry find the best local energy solutions

Carbon footprint

Solid fuels, such as biomass, reduce harmful sulfur and carbon dioxide emissions in energy production

Ecological energy

Product development ensures the unit's excellent annual efficiency. A small amount of fuel produces just as much energy


Solid biofuels are more favorable than fossil fuels. Modularity decreases installation costs

Read more about the benefits of biomass and waste treatment plants:

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Build facilities


Years of energy solutions



Efirec has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to Poland

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Efirec contributes to the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement!

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Benefit from annual efficiency

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